Classes and Workshops

We both have PhDs and love to teach and learn with our students. Waldemar specializes in New Testament, Theology, and Information Technology (IT). Rosemarie specializes in Intercultural Studies (Missions emphasis), and Spiritual Formation and Disciplines, today and in Church History.

We would love to serve your staff, your board, or your congregation with workshops as well. We are delighted to talk about our call and journey in missions services. The following are videos of some seminars and topics we’ve covered:

Here is a resource link for files used at LEAD and other workshops.
We’ve also had the privilege of presenting these topics:


  • the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • Christology
  • the Bible: why trust it, and which version is best?
  • discipline in the church: why the context matters (a discussion of the difference between discipline within the congregation, and issues related to leadership)
  • tech in general: what’s new, how it can serve the kingdom of God
  • video capture and editing
  • technology for the paperless office (scanning and retrieval)
  • use of the iPad for preaching and teaching
  • Q&A sessions, either wide open or on a specific topic (for instance, Q&A on Heaven, presented at Creekside Church)


  • ministry through the written word: letter-writing, articles, blogging, research papers
  • spiritual formation and disciplines
  • ideas for connecting and hospitality
  • theology of missions (presented at Under 125 Conference 2013, Northwest Ministry Network)
  • the empowerment of the Spirit for Pentecostal ministry
  • evangelism/ministry to world religions/other people groups

Calendar of Booked/Open Dates

On weekends where the calendar indicates that we are booked, please feel free to check with us in case we are in your area and have available time to minister to your board, staff, congregation, or small group or Bible study.


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