Our Vision

We love living in Indonesia. We’ve begun to settle in Bandung, a vibrant and educated city of about 5 million people, with many highly-regarded universities. Shouldn’t everyone have the opportunity to hear about Christ? To decide their relationship with Him? We’ll be sharing the Good News in a city where a mere fraction of the population knows Jesus.

We’ve begun to meet English-speaking Indonesians in our neighborhoods and around town. In other cities, business persons and educated people are effectively connecting to God and faith through similar English gatherings.

The primary language of the group meetings will be English, but it’s difficult to connect with people unless we speak their language. (We learned that while growing up in ethnic churches. Living and teaching in many countries has confirmed the importance of language learning.) Four times a week, we ride public transportation to language school, working hard to acquire Bahasa Indonesia.

Our friends in Indonesia say we have three advantages at this stage of life and experience:

  1. We’re older, which garners respect in Indonesian culture.
  2. We’re educated: the colleges and seminaries need advanced degrees for accreditation. We’ve been invited to teach in SE Asia.
  3. We’re foreigners who speak fluent English, which is important to those seeking to practice and improve their English for education and business.

THANK YOU for being on our team. You go with us by praying and giving! We can’t wait to see what God will do … with your help.

A street in Bandung

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